The Art of Patricia Dreher
Floor Art:  Art you walk on
Patricia Dreher is one of the foremost living exponents of the traditional art of making floorcloths: original paintings on canvas rendered tough and durable enough to walk on. Inspired by carpet, tile, stone, and textile designs from many cultures and ages, and coordinated with the client's own design themes,
these commissioned works of art are investments that uplift the whole house.  Click to see more.
Patricia Dreher's floor works span a wide range of styles from Asian to American to European. The pieces can be made in any shape and size. They can be installed permanently like wall-to-wall flooring or can float like area rugs. (Sculpture by Deborah Butterfield.)
Educated and honored as a painter, Patricia Dreher indulges her love of Northern California's coastal vistas with this series of acrylics on canvas, to hang on the wall. New: Commissioned paintings: Portscapes, Hawaiian Shirts, Bamboo. Click to see all.

Table tops, screens, chairs -- almost every surface can become a work of art in Patricia Dreher's hands.  Click.

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