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This website consists, generally, of catalog pages (overviews) and detail pages.  The catalog pages contain many small images.  When you are in a catalog page, you click on any small image.  This takes you to a detail page showing a larger view of that work.  You click again on the larger image of the work and are brought back to the catalog page. 

There are three main catalog pages:  Floor Art, Paintings, and Furniture

  • Floor Art is divided into Installations, Themes, Secrets, and Reviews
    • Installations shows Patricia Dreher's floor pieces as laid down in the clients' homes, together with the client's furnishings, cabinets, and other art.
    • Themes shows groups of floor pieces (which may be from actual installations or from the artist's sketchbook) all having the same general cultural reference point or motif, namely:
      • Kimono (three catalog pages) -- pieces inspired by Japanese textile art, or generally by East Asian ideas
      • Mesa -- pieces inspired by indigenous rug weavers of the American Southwest
      • Pompeii -- pieces inspired by classical Italian themes, mostly tile designs
      • Fusion (three catalog pages) -- pieces with a broad variety of motifs not elsewhere classified, from ancient to very contemporary.
    • Secrets: a page of background information about how floor painting is done and about Patricia Dreher's distinctive qualities as a floorcloth artist
    • Reviews: Print media coverage of Patricia Dreher's work
  • Paintings refers to Patricia Dreher's paintings on stretched canvas for the wall, and is divided for convenience into:
  • Furniture lists pieces where Patricia Dreher has either applied a painting to a surface on a piece designed by others, such as a table top, or has designed the entire piece (such as a screen). 

In addition to the catalog pages, there is a page of biography, and a contact page

You can navigate the main pages by clicking on the menu to the left, the menu on top, the menu on the bottom, or the outline on this page.  You can also back out of any detail page by clicking on the Category > Subcategory > Title links found on the top of each detail and subcategory page.

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