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"You clean Patricia Dreher's paintings with a mop: they're canvas rugs.  The Berkeley-based artist uses acrylic paints on sturdy artist's canvas and seals the designs with several coats of water-based polyurethane.  She makes area rugs and larger rugs for wall-to-wall installations.  You can lay the painted canvas directly on the floor (with or without a pad) or glue it down like vinyl flooring.

Most of Dreher's paintings are non-representational and combine geometric shapes and muted colors, but she will include narrative images on request.  She tailors each design to its setting.  The 5- by 9-foot example shown here, which resembles a swath of inlaid tile, creates a focal point for the entry.  The rug is the width of the front door and borrows from surrounding fabrics, furniture, and walls for its color palette."

Sunset Magazine Feb. '97

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