The Art of Patricia Dreher
Left:  "Florence Flower"

Floorcloth Installation

By Patricia Dreher

Peter La Tour
Wine Cellar
St. Helena, CA

16' diameter hexagonal 

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Today’s world can at times be an uninspiring place. It is important for us to create sanctuaries, places where we can relax, enjoy beauty and have a peaceful moment-–galleries, restaurants, quiet public spaces and, perhaps most important, our homes often serve this purpose. For decades, Patricia Dreher’s artwork, especially her floor art or floorcloths, has adorned homes and public spaces nationally and internationally bringing some of this beauty and respite.

Patricia’s floor art can take an interior space in many directions—it can bring the existing elements in a room together or it can be the central focus to build around. Her floor art often reflects the history of other cultures and is inspired by them from textile arts of Japan, India and Italy to the American Southwest.

Patricia is versatile in other art forms as well, including landscape painting, furniture design and more. She enjoys working with interior designers and architects as well as working directly with the client to bring the elements of a space together.

Take the time to browse her various galleries. Feel free to contact her for further information – no questions please.

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